Candice & Rich

8 July 2006

Gift Registry

Some guests wish to know where we have registered and what sort of gifts we would like to have. For those of you wanting that information, here it is:

We've been together for a few years and already have an established home. So we don't need many of the things couples 'just starting out' will need.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find a store that really suited our needs. We needed a store that was easily available to people from both Ontario and Nova Scotia. We also needed a store that allows you to frequently update your registry. We had originally registered with Sears, but found a lot of the things we wanted were not available at the store.

Instead of registering at a specific store, we've registered with It is only a list of things we would like to have. Most of them would be available at any store in your area.

Registry at

Also, for those who wish to give a monetary gift, we'd appreciate that as well. We are currently saving up for a second car as well as a down payment on a house or condo.

Thank you for your kindness!

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