Candice & Rich

8 July 2006

Our Story

Rich and I met through what some would consider unusual circumstances: online. In the spring of 2003, we were both volunteers for the tech support team on LiveJournal. We also both spent some time on the IRC channel that support volunteers frequented. Because we both lived in Ottawa and tended to answer the same sorts of user questions on the support team, we noticed each other. I believe the first thing Rich said to me was 'Hello, Ottawa person!'.

In early June that year, I accepted an invitation from him to go out for coffee and dessert at a local jazz-themed cafe called 'Oh So Good'. It wasn't a date at all, it was just a chance to meet someone from the support team offline. It went extremely well, and we started chatting more frequently both online and off.

On June 18th, we decided to go on a real date. We agreed to meet at the Second Cup on Elgin Street and then go from there. The date lasted 12 hours -- far longer than we'd originally planned. We went for a long walk over parliament hill, had lunch at a bistro called Bravo Bravo, then later ended up in the Byward Market having drinks and dinner at The Blackthorn Cafe. It was a great day and honestly the best first date I've ever had. We've been together ever since.

- Candice

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